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Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine portable cnc flame plasma cutting machine

Product Description

The machine includes the cross beam, trolley, longitudinal rails, CNC system, moving system and electric system, etc. You can choose the different CNC system, USA Hypertherm CNC system, Beijing START SH-2000H, BOTA CNC control system,. Thermal Dynamics and Kjellberg , Hypertherm plasma power sources.


Heavy duty type, can be used in heavy machine industry.
Flame& plasma cutting .
X,Y,Z axies with servo motor driver,more stable and low noise.
Anti-dust device for the guide rail.


Perfect for thick metal plate cutting, cut mild steel (flame cutting) and high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metal (plasma cutting).It's widely applied in industries such as machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, petro-chemical, war industry, metallurgy, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive etc.
Metal processing industry :metal cutting service ,stainless steel cutting service,carbon steel cutting service ,cnc plasma cutting service ,cnc flame cutting service ,ect.

Track Span(m)34567810
Rail length(m)12121414141616
Each rail is 2m, Can be lengthened according to Users demand.
Torch No.2 torches as standard.
Torch quantity can be customized.
Max cutting Area2.5*103.2*104.2*124.6*125.1*127.2*149.2*14
Cutting thickness6~200mm (falme); Depends on plasma power capacity (Plasma)
Driving ModeSingle motorizeDual motorize
CNC systemAmerican Hypertherm,Beijing Start, Domestic CNC system
Program softwareAustralia FastCAM professional edition
Speed Range0~6000mm/min
Cutting gasOxygen+acetylene/Propane
OptionOxy-fuel: Auto-ignition, Auto THC, Powder marking, Linear Triple Torches.


1.What kind of guarantee do you offer on your professional range of CNC and laser machine?
We offer a full 24 months back to base warranty on the router cnc and relevant manufacturers warranty on 3rd party add ons. This covers electrical and mechanical parts under ‘normal use’.

2.How do you send your CNC router and laser machine?
They are firstly greased thoroughly and packaged in a free-fumigation wooden crate. Usually, we send machine by ship, sometimes, as customer’s requirement, send by air or by train. When the goods arrive at your sea port or destination, you can pick up goods with the bill of lading we offered. Or we can arrange the cargo agent to send goods to your door.

3.I want a size that you don’t make as standard, is this possible?
Absolutely, we design and manufacture everything ourselves and indeed do many custom builds.

4.I am new to CNC and laser, how difficult are your machines to operate?
We help a lot of beginners, if you have a reasonable knowledge of computer and are willing to spend a little time learning it is not that had. Quite often when we sell a machine we send the manual out before the machine is ready for the customer to read ahead.

5.Does machine comes with software?
Yes, we offer intelligent and compatible software with machine, so it will be more convenient for you to operate machine.

6. Do you offer training about products?
Yes, customer could get free training at our factory; or we can assign technician arrive at customer’s company for the training at some charge, and accommodation, food, tickets will be charged.