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3080 gantry type plasma sheet metal cutting machine

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3080 gantry type plasma sheet metal cutting machine


Gantry types adopt bilateral drive motor available to high stability. Their molding welding box beam structure ensure high precision. Standard rail achieve perfect smooth running when machine moving.

Specification & Tech data

Input PowerSingle Phase AC 220V
 Approximately 400W
Cutting ModesPlasma Cutting (Working with plasma generator) / Flame Cutting / Plasma Cutting + Flame Cutting
Transmission StyleRack And Gear
Motor StyleStep Motors Dual Drive/ servo motor
Effective cutting width2500mm
Effective cutting  length6000mm
Track length (effective cutting length Y axis) can be customized for extending cutting length
Torch Height Control StyleFlame THC : Optional / Plasma THC: Optional
One Tool just can support one Flame THC or one Plasma THC
Max.Cutting Torch Quantity2 pieces
Cutting Speed0-12000mm/min
Torch Lifting Distance (Z)≤180mm
Working Precision± 0.1mm / meter
Flame (Gas) Cutting ThicknessPiercing Capacity: 5 -200mm

Plasma Cutting Thickness: Depends on the cutting capacity of the Plasma Generator

Flame auto ignitionIncluding Flame device
Gas PressureAcetylene Gas or Propane Gas Max 0.1Mpa
Oxygen PressureOxygen Gas Max 0.8Mpa
Cutting Table And BaseWe will supply drawings of cutting table.
Base (H-beam) and cutting table are not supplied.